Contemporary Sportswear Brand: We were engaged to raise capital for an apparel Company with healthy sales but significant cash flow problems. After spending time with management, we realized that raising outside capital was the wrong choice. Instead, we worked with the Company to solve various accounting issues and borrow against inventory to obtain liquidity. Once the cash flow issues were resolved, we developed a plan to enhance operating economics, tweaked our client's business model, and assisted with the implementation process by interviewing and hiring senior managers.

Advertising Agency: We were approached by a leading advertising agency that was interested in executing a strategic transaction but not sure how the market would value its recent growth and award-winning creative. After getting to know the principals, we identified a list of strategic buyers from around the world and presented it to the agency. Together, we narrowed the list to include only the most attractive partners. We contacted each party on the list and negotiated preliminary offers with three of the top five. Working closely with the agency, we determined the best fit, negotiated the sale to a publicly traded company in Europe, and created a very happy management team.

Clean Energy Technology: When a former client joined a Company that had developed a clean energy technology, he immediately contacted us to help develop a strategy to fund the Company's growth. After an exhaustive search, we helped recruit a new Chief Executive Officer, worked with the Company's engineers to finish developing a technology that was not yet ready to bring to market, and negotiated the sale and placement of a pilot system with one of the largest energy companies in the world. With these successes, we were able to negotiate both debt and equity investments for the Company on attractive terms.